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Space Priates Forum and Think Tank

Ideas on becoming successful space privateers

Space Piracy recruiting and think tank
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Crazy Beard is a calling to all you would be space pirates out there. This is the real deal here - not interested in any RPG shit. We are interested in recruiting would be space pirates to our cause and of course thinking of ideas for space piracy. This is a place where you can give your ideas for Plundering the Stars and Earth, Methods of acquisition, Obtaining viable ships for Space Piracy, Places for hiding out in the solar system and abroad, etc. Exploring ideas for coming technologies that could further space piracy is great. But please keep pure fiction out of here - I’m not interested in have a site dedicated to fantasy. All information and post should relate to viable Space Piracy only please. Projecting the usefulness of up-coming technology is allowed but try to keep it to what we can expect in our life-time. This is not a generational project - but something I would like to accomplish in my lifetime. Other important issues we may discuss include financing ( as it will probably take a lot of loot to start with), Space industries (as we will be Plundering them), methods of subterfuge ( as we can’t very well start off calling our selves Space Pirates - the powers that be would never let us off this stinking ball of mud) and links to related sites are welcome. If you feel you have something relevant to say please post it. Also this site will cater to the poetic souls out there - songs, poems, and narratives about space, and space piracy are welcome.